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sky downword !
2 April 2008

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Open Doors..
28 March 2008

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Shaahin Bahremand on its delicious
nice shot

Shalu Dagar on Old Archi !!
So lovely, so peaceful........

Ritu Dagar on passing the time
great photography

photonscibbles on its delicious

Vink on sky downword !
Nice scene of life !

Vink on passing the time
Nice portrait ; so expressive !

Desparado on its delicious
good shot Rajesh! Innocent!:)

Sandrine on passing the time
Excellent portrait!

pedro alexandre on passing the time
nice portrait, but in black & white would be good too.

pedro alexandre on its delicious
nice portrait, nice expression.

Lorraine on its delicious
He is sooo sweet, great take Rajesh :)

Alun Lambert on passing the time
great portrait

Lorraine on passing the time
and now, for the intellectual look...well done Rajesh :)

Observing on passing the time
Very good portrait, he looks like an old wise man. Very good.

Richard_Irwin on life alone
Good study and captured moment. Top work Rajesh.

vu@granby - Wolfgang on life alone
Very good capture, brings a lot of thoughts...

Lorraine on life alone
FAntastic way of being and I love, love this image, what a compo!!!

standley on catchy expressions
Beautiful and moving portrait!

Brites on life is easy...
Very good expressions!

Brites on tensions OFF
Excellent scene.

Brites on catchy expressions
Wonderful portrait!

Observing on catchy expressions
Been swimming..? looks sunny and warm. Nice image.

Ina on catchy expressions
Ver nice shot, like the shadow of her eyelashes!

Johnnyanne on catchy expressions
Why is she wet?

Peter on catchy expressions
Nice candid. I like the composition with the hands just inside the frame.

dpm on catchy expressions
beautiful portrait

standley on tensions OFF
Great capture. They look so happy!

yiannis krikis on tensions OFF
great portrait - you catch the expressions of the hapiness

e. on tensions OFF
Beautiful. :) They look so natural and happy.

Ana Lúcia on tensions OFF
Made me smile! Good catch.

dpm on tensions OFF
A joyous moment beautifully captured.

Balesh on life is easy...
Boyyy..... this is beautiful expression u got.... and the position of their hands is making it even more interesting ...

jean-sebastien on keep it inside.
What a shocking image, even if its not that extrodinary, it seems like if nobody wanna see this, hehe well bravo for ...

e. on life is easy...
haha I love the expressions you captured. :)

Komal on life is easy...
this is great. it reminds me of back home. it's a great shot.

Alun Lambert on life is easy...
Good image

flo on go sketing
oh! life is beautifull here!!!

DaveB on life is easy...
Cool shot, the guy in the middle doesn't look too pleased about having his picture taken though!

drphoto on Sometimes nature bows
I like this, it is a beautiful tree. I think the composition of this shot could be improved if you crop a little from ...

M. Isabel on life is easy...
nice subtle fill flash...good capture.

Faramarz on life is easy...
good shot and nice title...

Marie on life is easy...
jolis portraits.

pedro alexandre on life is easy...
for them maybe!! nice portrait.

Ana Lúcia on life is easy...
A slice of real life! Very natural shot.

vu@granby - Wolfgang on Life is thorny too
No wonder they are swimming on the other side!

Paulina Otero on Sometimes nature bows
Pretty tree!

standley on Sometimes nature bows
beautiful capture. This must be a very old tree!

Alun Lambert on Sometimes nature bows
Very nice.

Ina on Sometimes nature bows
Excellent! Nice framing, wonder what the tree can tell us if he could talk :)

Observing on Sometimes nature bows
It's a very old tree......... good photo.

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